Rob Giuliano

Not sure why it stopped working, but most of the newer documentation suggest using "regional tier 2 rotate servers":
    North America
    South America
    Europe & Africa

The tier 2 server site says:
The mission of the Tier 2 Network is to provide reliable access to the APRS Internet Service for users around the world. With more than 80 servers worldwide, collecting and redistributing APRS traffic over the Internet, Tier 2 is the optimum choice for all APRS-IS users.

I'd suggest trying that.

Robert Giuliano

On Monday, December 7, 2020, 2:47:46 PM EST, Steve N3FWE <steve@...> wrote:

Did this problem every get resolved?    It seems I may be having a similar problem.   I got a new computer with Windows 10.  I installed the software and copied over the configuration from my old computer.   After running the software I noticed I wasn't getting any stations from the internet except my Davis Weather Station.   I checked my old XP computer and it was doing the same thing.    I been running the software for a while and never had any issues like this before.   I connect to on 14580.  I tried firenet and same issue.   I tried port 10152 to see if what would happen and I started receiving everything like I should.       My filters look ok.  

I tried APRSdroid on my phone which connects to  and that works fine.   Also my stand alone Davis Weather Station sends data to and that is working.     Am I missing something or make a change I may of missed?


Steve, N3FWE

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