Steve N3FWE

Did this problem every get resolved?    It seems I may be having a similar problem.   I got a new computer with Windows 10.  I installed the software and copied over the configuration from my old computer.   After running the software I noticed I wasn't getting any stations from the internet except my Davis Weather Station.   I checked my old XP computer and it was doing the same thing.    I been running the software for a while and never had any issues like this before.   I connect to on 14580.  I tried firenet and same issue.   I tried port 10152 to see if what would happen and I started receiving everything like I should.       My filters look ok.  

I tried APRSdroid on my phone which connects to  and that works fine.   Also my stand alone Davis Weather Station sends data to and that is working.     Am I missing something or make a change I may of missed?


Steve, N3FWE

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