Re: can anyone help here

Don Eklund

It is a program capturing my weather date from my Davis and sending it to CWOP/APRS.  


It was working on my window machine but not my new PI  .  




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Check you time code.  Your time is >235950 so that could be the issue.  


What is putting these packets together?


Do you have some kind of script that puts the packet together in Direwolf or some other computer application?  


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It is for my weather station.    


I converted it to a raspberry PI from a old windows machine.   


I have the cord the same   



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What did you change ?


It looks like GPS data, incorrect data being received and then put to iGate.. suggest reboot or correct the change that was made.


Min G0JMS.





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Subject: [APRSISCE] can anyone help here



Does anyone know why I am getting this on APRS.FI  say Invalid Uncompressed location. 


2020-11-27 11:50:04 EST: N1EDF>APRS,TCPXX*,qAX,CWOP-4:@271652z42.00.00/71.00.00_312/000g001t050r000p000P000b10168h94.WD 31 [Invalid uncompressed location]

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