Re: can anyone help here

Don Eklund

It is for my weather station.    


I converted it to a raspberry PI from a old windows machine.   


I have the cord the same   



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Sent: Friday, November 27, 2020 12:13 PM
Subject: Re: [APRSISCE] can anyone help here




What did you change ?


It looks like GPS data, incorrect data being received and then put to iGate.. suggest reboot or correct the change that was made.


Min G0JMS.





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Sent: 27 November 2020 16:57
Subject: [APRSISCE] can anyone help here



Does anyone know why I am getting this on APRS.FI  say Invalid Uncompressed location. 


2020-11-27 11:50:04 EST: N1EDF>APRS,TCPXX*,qAX,CWOP-4:@271652z42.00.00/71.00.00_312/000g001t050r000p000P000b10168h94.WD 31 [Invalid uncompressed location]

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