Re: Internet only stations

Lynn Deffenbaugh

The app on the iPhone platform is ONLY!  It does not (last I knew) pass any traffic through to the APRS-IS.  As it says in the app store listing at

• Beacon your position on

Read that CAREFULLY!  And as one review stated:


Not what I consider APRS

Wasted my money on an app calling itself aprs.... that does not talk to any aprs not using aprs-fi.

Packets are NOT transmitted into the aprs network so you can not be heard by hams monitoring. This fact is buried derp in the about section of the app. It should be stated plainly on the app store page. Would never had purchased it if this fact was known.

Lake of this ability completely destroys all the features it has. ( like a Cadillac without wheels... all the plush in the world but the deal breaker is it cannot move)

Developer Response,

I’m sorry it got you by a surprise. The app description on the store does say it beacons to specifically.

Version 2.0 adds a new Extra Features subscription package which includes APRS-IS beaconing, APRS text messaging and a DSP audio modem, and a few smaller things!

But apparently this IS now included in the subscription package where it does say:

• APRS-IS beaconing, with up to 10 callsign profiles

So, presuming your "but the cellphone only stations while showing on" were actually iPhone users using the app, there is nothing to be done for it.

Lynn (D) - KJ4ERJ - Author of APRSISCE for Windows Mobile and Win32

On 11/22/2020 11:51 AM, John Rudolph wrote:
On Halloween we ran an ARES event, Pumpkin Patrol, and had many of our posts run various cellphone APRS apps since few have RF rigs. I was using APRSIS via agwpe to igate the traffic to the RF only stations but the cellphone only stations while showing on were never igated. In settings I had everything selected to igate but it still didnt work. Any suggestions on why that may be and how do I make it work for future events?

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