Re: Internet only stations

Rob Giuliano

I am pretty sure the check boxes are for 2-way traffic messaging.  So a message that starts on RF and goes through IS can be replied to - provided it didn't get into the system from a listen only IGATE.

One way traffic (like position reports) can get tricky because you can easily overwhelm the RF system with the volume of traffic from the internet.  This can be done with the development version of APRSIS32 through a special filter after testing.
  <Ctrl>G   and set a filter to limited what goes from IS to RF
This should be specific enough to ensure that only the information for your event is gated to RF from your igate.  This might be rather difficult.

I don't remember the next <Ctrl> key to have APRSIS32 use the test filter and start the process.  You will have to check the WIKI or maybe someone else.

Robert Giuliano

On Sunday, November 22, 2020, 11:52:07 AM EST, John Rudolph <john@...> wrote:

On Halloween we ran an ARES event, Pumpkin Patrol, and had many of our posts run various cellphone APRS apps since few have RF rigs. I was using APRSIS via agwpe to igate the traffic to the RF only stations but the cellphone only stations while showing on were never igated. In settings I had everything selected to igate but it still didnt work. Any suggestions on why that may be and how do I make it work for future events?

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