Re: Not Receiving Reports from WXSVR-AU

Lynn Deffenbaugh

As expected, the one to WHO-15 received a response and WHO-IS did not.  To simplify the test, don't include the "f", but go for the single line response.  And it's only a callsign, but a true amateur radio callsign, that you send, not a full callsign-SSID.  So just sent "VK3YPE" or "VK3PYE" and you should get something like:

07:09:47  New Chat Between KJ4ERJ and WHO-IS on 2020-11-22
07:09:54> VK3YPE
07:09:55< Peter J Edrupt/Australia (*2-07:09:55)
07:10:01> VK3PYE
07:10:01< Peter J Edrupt/Australia (*2-07:10:01)

But of course, we expect your only answer to come from WHO-15, not WHO-IS.

Lynn (D) - KJ4ERJ - Author of APRSISCE for Windows Mobile and Win32

On 11/22/2020 12:07 AM, Peter VK3PYE wrote:
I have sent off two APRS messages, one to each callsign. Here are the results ...


7 3 de Pete VK3PYE / VK3YPE

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