Re: Not Receiving Reports from WXSVR-AU

Lynn Deffenbaugh

To talk to WHO-IS and/or WHO-15, just send an APRS message to that callsign-SSID with a single callsign in the body.  It will respond with information about that call's owner.  If you precede the call with "f " (F space) it will return "full" information. For instance:

23:11:37  New Chat Between KJ4ERJ and WHO-IS on 2020-11-21
23:11:40> VK3PYE
23:11:41< Peter J Edrupt/Australia (*2-23:11:41)
23:11:43> f VK3PYE
23:11:44< VK3PYE:Peter J Edrupt (*2-23:11:44)
        < VK3PYE:Melbourne Australia (*2-23:11:44)

Just do one message to WHO-IS and another to WHO-15.  My suspicion is that WHO-15 will be answered and WHO-IS will not be.

Ask the custodian what software/hardware their VK3RSA-1 IGate is running and where one can get support for said IGate functionality.  And you could ask them to run the same RF test through their IGate so that they themselves see the issue.

The easiest way would be with a Kenwood APRS radio while watching their IGate logs, if it has any with requests sent to WHO-IS and WHO-15.

Of course, as you know, Yaesu APRS radios can only send to AX.25 -SSIDs, so they would never see any issues with WHO-IS (or WXSVR-AU) because they could never initiate the original request.

As for VK3RMD-1, your Direwolf simply heard your own packet digipeated by that station over RF.   The messages are being injected into the APRS-IS by VK3RSA-1 with no paths used, so any other digipeated copies of the same packet will be dropped by the APRS-IS duplicate suppression.

Lynn (D) - KJ4ERJ - Author of APRSISCE for Windows Mobile and Win32

On 11/21/2020 9:59 PM, Peter VK3PYE wrote:
Hi Lynn.

Correct on the station setup. The radio is just doing the RF part. My station is capable of using APRS-IS, but I have it disabled while trying to figure out why I'm not receiving return packets from WXSVR-AU. And yes, I have added the "dash 15" to my station callsign. I thought that it may have been why I was not receiving those packets, but it has not made any difference. Still nothing back via RF.

I had also asked the same question to the Australian APRS Users group, and received this reply from "the custodian of the VK3RSA-1 iGate".

-- VK3RSA-1
APRS-!S messages to local RF:
Gate messages to local RF: = Yes
Message path: = WIDE2-1
Local RF heard max. digi-hops: = 2
Local RF heard buffer timeout (m): = 30

Regarding your request : " try sending a callsign lookup to WHO-15 and WHO-IS.", how do I go about doing that

For a quick test, I just enabled APRS-IS and sent a request to the WXSVR-AU server and received this reply ...

So, I can receive the replies via the Internet, but that would not be much use for anyone that is camping away from the city with no Internet available to them.

One other thing that I have just noticed, and I am trying to understand the direwolf output, is that, while the requests to the WXBOT server were returned via VK3RSA-1, and I received those request responses via RF OK, the requests to the WXSVR-AU server, are showing in my screen grabs as coming via VK3RMD-1, so maybe it is VK3RMD-1 that has the issue? Just my thoughts ...

Thanks for your help. 
7 3 de Pete VK3PYE / VK3YPE

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