Re: Not Receiving Reports from WXSVR-AU

Lynn Deffenbaugh

Ok, let me see if I have this setup correct.  Your APRSIS32 instance is called VK3YPE and talks through Direwolf to a radio.  VK3YPE has no APRS-IS access itself.  Correct so far?  I tried to confirm this via's raw packets, but apparently you've changed it to VK3YPE-15 sometime yesterday.

It appears that VK3RSA-1 gates your packets to the APRS-IS receiving them simplex (no hops used).  VK3RSA-1 has a ToCall of APMI04 which would make it a MicroSat. says "APMIxx  SQ3PLX"

In your example that worked, VK3RSA-1 is the source of the 3rd party packet containing the response message from WXBOT.

If all this is true, and you never receive any response from WXSVR-AU on RF, then I would have to say that the IGate functionality in the VK3RSA-1's MicroSat is defective and is not forwarding messages coming from non-AX.25 -SSIDs.

As a possible way to prove or deny this assumption, try sending a callsign lookup to WHO-15 and WHO-IS.   Both of these are implemented in a single APRS-IS-based server.  If you get a response from WHO-15 but not from WHO-IS, then it would definitely seem to indicate an IGate issue.

Lynn (D) - KJ4ERJ - Author of APRSISCE for Windows Mobile and Win32

On 11/21/2020 7:02 PM, Peter VK3PYE wrote:
Hi Lynn ... here are a couple of screen grabs from the Direwolf window, that I hope can help you ...

This first one shows one of my requests that were sent but not received ... it starts with the line in pink ...

Here is what shows up on "" ...

Here is another request to WXSVR-AU with a different parameter ... 

None of the requests sent to WXSVR-AU get returned to my station. 

This shows my request to WXBOT being received OK by my station ...

I did a very long email exchange yesterday via APRSLink, almost all the messages get returned via the same repeater, VK3RMD-1.

My setup is, APRSIS32 with Direwolf v1.6 via RF on a Win8.1 PC linked to my 2M FM radio. The radio is an IC-705. But I thought that it was the software doing the work, not the radio? I know about the Yaesu issue, as I have an FT3DR that will not accept the SSID "-AU" ... but that is another story.

@Graham .. where do filters get added?    --> ".. add the filter    e/WXSVR-AU"  .. I can't see a menu item for filters. And what do filters do?

Thank you for you input everyone. It's a fine program.

7 3 de Pete VK3PYE / VK3YPE

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