Re: Not Receiving Reports from WXSVR-AU

Lynn Deffenbaugh

If some messages are being gated from APRS-IS, I don't see why other messages wouldn't be gated.

Can you provide exactly which callsign-SSID are the anticipated IGate as well as the RF station which you're using in your tests?

Lynn (D) - KJ4ERJ - Author of APRSISCE for Windows Mobile and Win32

On 11/21/2020 3:45 AM, Peter VK3PYE wrote:
Hello all.

Currently I'm using APRSIS32 with Direwolf v1.6 via RF on a Win8.1 PC linked to my 2M FM radio.

I have not been able to receive any messages to requests sent to WXSVR-AU via RF. 
I can see that the WXSVR-AU server has tried to respond, as I can see the wx reports it returns by looking at in the messages section.
Tried over many days with no returns via RF.

I am receiving OK from WXBOT when I send a request for a METAR of an airport.
I am receiving OK from WLNK-1 (Winlink) as I can read and send email.
I also have sent out a "CQ" and got a couple of replies !! Top stuff ;-)

Is there a setting in APRSIS32 that I have missed?

Thanks for a very nice APRS program. It's lots of fun.
7 3 de Pete VK3PYE / VK3YPE

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