Firenet Server Uptime Issues

Lynn Deffenbaugh

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Date: Sun, 8 Nov 2020 08:52:15 -0800
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Subject: [Special] [aprsfirenet] [Announcement] Firenet Server Uptime Issues
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Greetings fellow APRSers,

There have been several questions around the recent (and not so
recent) uptime issues with the Firenet APRS servers. Here is what I
know right now:

Firenet has four servers:
N5JXS-F1 has been down for a while. The systems administrator for
this box is extremely busy with a bunch of other tasks at the moment
WG3K-CA is almost behaving itself but goes down on occasion for memory issues.
WG3K-NJ just won't stay up and I'm planning to move it back to its own box soon.
WE7U-IE just works.

Each of these servers can handle ~50 connections. With three servers
we usually don't have a problem. When one decides to go on vacation,
we usually have a problem. This can affect the dissemination of our
objects and data as well.

So, I say all this to say... I'm working on it. Curt's box just
works. Mine, for some reason, likes to fall over more than it should.
Stay tuned for more information.

Eric WG3K

Curt, WE7U
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