Re: New User - Hello


a passcode has been sent offlist

Steve,  KF6WAX

On Sun, Nov 8, 2020 at 8:57 AM Peter VK3PYE <vk3pye@...> wrote:
Hello to everyone, from Melbourne Australia.

I am already registered with the web page, and have a passcode there, so do I need new a Passcode for APRSIS/CE the Windows version?

I have an FT3DR and been enjoying the APRS features on that. So, I'm looking forward to trying out your application for Windows 8.1. I'm going to try and team it up with an FT-7900 that I have. Not sure how to do that just yet. More learning to do. Fun stuff this Ham Radio.

7 3 de Pete VK3PYE / VK3YPE

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