Re: Object PHG settings

Randy Allen


Roger that.  I am aware of the differences between AGL, MSL and HAAT.

The heights were given to me by the Trustee.  Since one of the numbers does not match where I know the antenna is AGL, I'm assuming he took that into consideration. I'll discuss it with him next time we talk.  This is my first approximation.

Right now I think the transmitted PHG circle is actually smaller than the actual coverage.  We don't have a lot of data yet as the sites have only been really advertised recently as we have been gearing up for the Red Cross Winlink drill this month.  (I'm less than 5 miles from the site and am literally line of sight to tower when I step outside of my house)

As we get in actual user reports I'll look into adjusting numbers to match actual coverage as close as possible.  And by actual user I mean a user on the ground.  I know the Digi can reach another Winlink RMS 30 miles south of here, but since both are on high towers, I'm not figuring that into our coverage area.

Hopefully the Red Cross drill will give us some additional data on the actual coverage.



Randy KA0AZS

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