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James Ewen

Also this height is not altitude above sea level. It should match your height above average terrain (HAAT). Also if your coverage  is offset somewhat by local terrain, you might want to report a directional pattern even if your antenna pattern is omni. 

The PHG pattern drawn on the map should try to approximate the actual coverage area of your station even if the numbers don’t reflect the numerical values in your station. 

The intent is to provide those observing the output with an idea of the coverage to expect, not to brag about the exact specifications of the equipment in use. 

If your APRS client is drawing a PHG plot on the map, and you are within that area, you should be able to use the asset being described. 

Putting a huge circle on the map just because it looks more impressive doesn’t do anything to assist those who are wanting to make use of these equipment that the exaggerated circle describes. 

Fudge the numbers to make the information put in front of others as useful as possible. Those just seeing the raw numbers aren’t going to bother with trying to plot the coverage out in their heads. They will try it and see if it is reachable or not. 


On Tue, Nov 3, 2020 at 2:59 PM Robert Bruninga <bruninga@...> wrote:
There is only 1 digit for height.  So it uses powers of two..  Just pick the closest one.

On Tue, Nov 3, 2020 at 12:36 PM Fred Hillhouse <fmhillhouse@...> wrote:
Hi Randy,

Read this:

I think you will find that your absolute heights, power, etc., may not be in the spec.  You need to pick the closest.

Fred N7FMH

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I'm setting up objects for a couple of local Winlink nodes.

Winlink inputs them to the IS stream, but I wanted them to be available
locally on RF.  Transmitting objects is simpler than attempting to set
up APRS transmitters at each location.

The objects are W6CDR-10 (Winlink RMS), W6CDR-4 (Digipeater, same radio
and antenna) and W8GCA-10.  I offset the position of W6CDR-4 digi a bit
to show as a separate station at my usual zoom (12.4 mi which shows my
whole county and parts of the surrounding counties.)

When I tried to set up the PHG for the objects, I am unable to get them
to save the settings I input (50W 330FT for CDR, 50W, 250Ft for GCA).
The only values I can get to save are the ones in the drop down boxes of
the PHG configuration screen.  So they are now set at 49W at 320FT for
CDR and 49W at 160Ft for GCA.

The block to enter the actual PHG value is greyed out. So I can't enter
PHG7500/ for CDR or PHG7400/ for GCA. (as calculated at

In this case the differences are insignificant for operations. I'm just
interested if I'm missing something.


Randy KA0AZS

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