Object PHG settings

Randy Allen

I'm setting up objects for a couple of local Winlink nodes.

Winlink inputs them to the IS stream, but I wanted them to be available locally on RF.  Transmitting objects is simpler than attempting to set up APRS transmitters at each location.

The objects are W6CDR-10 (Winlink RMS), W6CDR-4 (Digipeater, same radio and antenna) and W8GCA-10.  I offset the position of W6CDR-4 digi a bit to show as a separate station at my usual zoom (12.4 mi which shows my whole county and parts of the surrounding counties.)

When I tried to set up the PHG for the objects, I am unable to get them to save the settings I input (50W 330FT for CDR, 50W, 250Ft for GCA).  The only values I can get to save are the ones in the drop down boxes of the PHG configuration screen.  So they are now set at 49W at 320FT for CDR and 49W at 160Ft for GCA.

The block to enter the actual PHG value is greyed out. So I can't enter PHG7500/ for CDR or PHG7400/ for GCA. (as calculated at http://digined.pe1mew.nl/tools/phgcalculator.htm)

In this case the differences are insignificant for operations. I'm just interested if I'm missing something.


Randy KA0AZS

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