Re: AGW (logs TX) vs. KISS over IP (TX not in log)

Lynn Deffenbaugh

Yes, Rob, every port type and transport has it's own logging style.  AGW is a TCP/IP protocol that encodes things differently than KISS.  And KISS over TCP/IP logs differently than KISS over a serial or Bluetooth port.

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On 10/27/2020 4:19 PM, Rob Giuliano via wrote:
Another example showing the different between log using an AGW port:
WinMain:2020-10-27T20:01:59.988 Logging Enabled
Port(DW_AGW_Rt):2020-10-27T20:01:59.989 AGW:AX.25-rPort[0] AA8HS-1>APDW15,CHLSEA*,WIDE1*:!4141.60NS08338.40W&PHG2250Fill in Digipeater; 5 watts, 50 feet, Toledo, Ohio
Port(DW_AGW_Rt):2020-10-27T20:02:06.408 AGW:AX.25-rPort[0] N8HKU-5>APDW15,CHLSEA*,WIDE1*,WIDE2-1:!4210.73NS08339.43W&PHG3170IGATE and Digipeater in Ypsilanti Township, MI
Port(DW_AGW_Rt):2020-10-27T20:02:11.217 AGW:AX.25-xmit[124]:<00 00 00 00>K<00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00>X<00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 82 A0 AE AE>bb<E0 96 84>p<A4 86 9E>`<AE 92 88 8A>d@e<03 F0>@200211h4209.34N/08346.27W-APRSIS32 XUbuntu 20.04  WINE 5.0!wY0!
Port(DW_AGW_Rt):2020-10-27T20:02:15.309 AGW:AX.25-rPort[0] KB8RCO>APWW11,CHLSEA*,WIDE2-1:@200211h4209.34N/08346.27W-APRSIS32 XUbuntu 20.04  WINE 5.0!wY0!
WinMain:2020-10-27T20:02:21.852 Logging Disabled
Port(DW_AGW_Rt):2020-10-27T20:02:27.595 AGW:AX.25-rPort[0] VE3PV>APAT51-1,VE3WRC*,CHLSEA*,WIDE2*:!4220.35N/08256.49W-210/000/A=000432Anytone 578

Compared to the KISS over IP port:
WinMain:2020-10-27T20:01:57.144 Logging Enabled
Port(DW_KISS_Rt):2020-10-27T20:01:59.989 KISS:AA8HS-1>APDW15,CHLSEA*,WIDE1*:!4141.60NS08338.40W&PHG2250Fill in Digipeater; 5 watts, 50 feet, Toledo, Ohio  (105)
Port(DW_KISS_Rt):2020-10-27T20:02:06.408 KISS:N8HKU-5>APDW15,CHLSEA*,WIDE1*,WIDE2-1:!4210.73NS08339.43W&PHG3170IGATE and Digipeater in Ypsilanti Township, MI  (77)
Port(DW_KISS_Rt):2020-10-27T20:02:15.309 KISS:KB8RCO>APWW11,CHLSEA*,WIDE2-1:@200211h4209.34N/08346.27W-APRSIS32 XUbuntu 20.04  WINE 5.0!wY0!  (48)
WinMain:2020-10-27T20:02:20.506 Logging Disabled

All other RF ports log TX example from another RF port :
WinMain:2020-10-27T20:01:55.074 Logging Enabled
Port(TNC-X):2020-10-27T20:02:11.350 Sent[90]:<C0 00 82 A0 AE AE>bb<E0 96 84>p<A4 86 9E>`<AE 92 88 8A>d@e<03 F0>@200211h4209.34N/08346.27W-APRSIS32 XUbuntu 20.04  WINE 5.0!wY0!<C0>
WinMain:2020-10-27T20:02:19.249 Logging Disabled

TX on All 3 ports at once.  No audio into the TNC-X so DIGI'ed packet not received.
Top AGW port
   Logged TX at  2020-10-27T20:02:11.217 AGW:AX.25-xmit[124]
   Logged RX at 2020-10-27T20:02:15.309 AGW:AX.25-rPort[0]      timestamped @200211
Middle KISS IP
   Logged TX -> none
   Logged RX at  2020-10-27T20:02:15.309                                      timestamped @200211
Bottom RF serial port
   Logged TX at 2020-10-27T20:02:11.350 Sent[90]                         timestamped @200211
   Logged RX -> none    (no audio connection to a radio)

Robert Giuliano

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