Re: AGW vs. KISS over IP

Rob Giuliano

Ignore me - messed up right side AGW port.  I Had it swapped with IP.
I knew the data looked strange.

Issue is only logging. KISS IP shows received data, but no TX data when a radio is connected.

Robert Giuliano

On Thursday, October 22, 2020, 11:52:33 PM EDT, Rob Giuliano via <kb8rco@...> wrote:

I have mentioned issues with log windows and KISS ports over IP.  Now I was able to try a few things with 2 active channels on 1 sound card that actually interface with APRSIS32, but as 2 ports.  I am confused as to a few things:
1.  Why AGW does not TX on the Right channel, but KISS_IP does?
2.  Logging acts different in AGW than in KISS_IP.
3.  Logging acts differently for KISS_IP if radio is connected to the sound card channel?

Lots of info, but I hope it help find reasons.

I purchased the FePi sound card (stereo output and stereo input board that is a "hat" for the Pi), and the Nexus DR-X (digital radio cross patch).  The Nexus provides 2 "data jacks" that are designed to have access to the left LineIn/LineOut and connect them to different radios.  The Nexus Pi Distro provides drivers and many digital mode applications - including Direwolf. 

With this setup, I run 2 separate instances of Direwolf (separate terminals and configurations).
One uses the left audio channel, the other uses the right.

As I was experimenting with this configuration, I noticed that if I connect to them using AGW, the right side does not go into TX.  If I switch to KISS over IP, everything works properly.

I think the TX issue is something in my setup (CONFIRMED!!!)
HOWEVER, in trying to troubleshoot the issue, I setup 4 ports and enable logging on each:
1.  DW_KISS_Lt             IP  8010
2.  DW_KISS_Rt            IP  8011
3.  DW_AGW_Lt        AGW  8000
4.  DW_AGW_Rt        AGW  8001

1.  DW_KISS_Lt             IP  8001
2.  DW_KISS_Rt            IP  8011
3.  DW_AGW_Lt        AGW  8000
4.  DW_AGW_Rt        AGW  8010

If I enable only 1 and 2, clear the log window, and hit <Transmit>
   everything looks normal, both TX as expected.  Neither post anything to the log.
   If I disconnect the radio from the left - Left logs.  (Same with only Left connect to radio - Rt logs)
   If I disconnect both from the radio, Both log.
If I enable only 3 and 4, clear the log window, and hit <Transmit>
   Operates as expected.

Robert Giuliano

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