Re: Documented Ctrl shortcuts

Rob Giuliano

I believe a previous post asked (by Lynn) whether you had enabled development mode?
  I am pretty sure this function is still only available in development mode.

Close APRSIS32 (can edit with it open), open the XML and search for
Save the xml, start APRSIS32 and check about to see if there is an update.

Robert Giuliano

On Thursday, October 22, 2020, 5:28:34 PM EDT, Glenn O'Connor <ka0lnr37@...> wrote:

Another thread. Yes, I'm not adding to the previous one I started.

Usually, I can adopt/manipulate the program for a custom use case. Quite, often, without documenting what worked in my instance, I'll fumble around until something "clicks".

I reverse Igate often in our rural locale NWS objects and others of local interest.
Ctrl-G to start and then Ctrl-I to xmit local RF. As I said, I fumble around. Ctrl-I isn't responding nor is the Igate showing in the view logs menu.

What have I NOT enabled in the port(s) settings?

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