Re: Windoze position won't save.

Glenn O'Connor

Do your multi-track windows come back where they were when you closed them?  Try the following sequence:

1) Open a multitrack on some station
2) Size and/or move the window around to where you'll remember
3) Close the multi-track window
4) Re-open a multitrack on the same station.

if that works, then try putting the multitrack window where you want your main window to be and close it there.  Then re-open the multitrack and see where it goes now.

The Multi-track reverts to the main window size after reopening.

One more question.  Is the main window completely on the screen on the right side of your monitor or is it's right edge actually off the screen?

It's on the very right side of the monitor, using the Aero feature.

And (ok, two questions) are you using one of those Windows features that maximizes the vertical coverage of a the window or are you actually sizing and moving it to exactly where you want it to be?

Yes, that Aero feature does maximize the vertical position. No to sizing it "manually". BUT, I just noticed something, a new wrinkle perhaps. Upon the Aero sizing of the main window, I've been able, in the past, to move that main window around the monitor's "real estate" and maintain that aspect ratio. However, now I moved that desired window aspect even just slightly away from monitor's side, it reverts to the original, undesired windows size! Wait, what?!?!

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