Rob Giuliano

I am running APRSIS32 under WINE 5.0 in Kubuntu 20.04.
I connect to RF ports either through USB COMM port, AGW, or KISS over IP.

Not always, but often on first start (after reboot), the connections all say OK, but the beacon timer underneath does not start counting down.  It says "CONNECT" until I manually hit Transmit.  I have waited longer than the timer to see if it just a timing issue, but requires a manual TX to start the beaconing.
  The RF port tomeout is Zero (not much RF received the way this is setup. 

I think this may be an issue where the TX request is before the port is fully open, but it seems this should correct by itself.  Maybe not because of the Timeout setting.

Anyone else experience this with Windows or Linux and Wine?

Robert Giuliano

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