Re: APRS text documents

Rob Giuliano

I assume you are talking about APRSIS32 logs.
These are stored in the same folder as the APRSIS32.exe, APRSIS32.XML and APRSIS32-Safe.XML.
Or in the 'Start in' folder specified in the shortcut.

The preferred configuraton would be to place APRSIS32 in a folder and create a shortcut on the desktop.  All required files would then be placed in that folder (the Maps folder, XML, and all log files).  Some people place this in Program Files(x86), but Windows 7 and above does not easily allow configuration files and maps to be written there.  Most user prefer a folder off the base (root drive) where you can control the user properties and allow the map folder and files, logs, and xmls to be properly maintained by application.

Personally, I prefer a structure like this:
  C:\WinApps\Tools               (specialty file tools and other key applications)
  C:\WinApps\Radio              (APRSIS32 and other apllications)
  C:\WinApps\Electronics     (Arduino and other applications)

But you can choose any structure you like.

Robert Giuliano

On Tuesday, October 20, 2020, 3:23:07 PM EDT, Gurdon Wolfe via <w4gcw@...> wrote:

Anybody know how to prevent text and log documents appearing on my desktop?
Any help would be appreciated.
73, Don

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