Re: HF APRS set up

Randy Allen

OK, I set up a second instance of APRSIS32 in it's own folder and put a second copy of the UZ7HO SoundModem in the same folder.  Running as KA0AZS-1

I currently have it set to AFSK AX.25 300Bd.  It is apparently receiving OK as I was able to decode a position a while ago (VE2SIL-1)

The system will transmit but I currently have beaconing turned off.  Set to no path, no comment.  I transmitted one position and saw it made APRS.FI via VE2GQF-2

I find Stephen's page a little confusing as  he focuses on APRS Messenger settings.

I THINK I have the frequency  I need in the dial (10.147.60 USB) and that's where I was when I decoded the one station.  But I lose track as he covers other dial settings with different modes.

It looks from his writings  like PSK would be a better mode, but am not sure if that is the same as the BPSK AX25 300bd listed as an option in UZ7HO.

At any rate, based on one successful packet inbound and apparently one outbound, it looks like I either have it working, or am just lucky.

Any clarifications or corrections would be appreciated.

Randy KA0AZS

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