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While not answering your basic question, this might be helpful with respect to whether and when to employ APRS HF

Jerry K4WOF

On Oct 18, 2020, at 1:22 AM, Randy Allen <ka0azs@...> wrote:

I've looked in the wiki, and while there was some discussion of APRS HF frequencies, is there anything out there detailing how to set APRSIS32 to work with a Signalink USB to run HF APRS?

No special need in mind other than now that I have the radio and Signalink configurations for HF Winlink, FLDIGI and WSJT-X figured out and operating well, I though why not throw something else into the mix and see if I can break it? ;-)

I'm running the current development version (2020/10/05 11:46) on a Win10 desktop to an MFJ-1270C and an IC-2000 for VHF.

For HF I have an IC-706MKIIG with a Signalink USB that I use for HF/VHF Winlink and FLDIGI and HF FT8.  I have the UZ7HO Sound Modem installed for use on VHF Winlink.

So, given these parts, What next?  What type of port do I configure in APRSIS32?   Settings?

I'm thinking it would be best to open up a second instance of APRSIS32 for HF and run it separate from my instance that is on 24/7 for my home station?  Or can the HF and VHF parameters coexist peacefully in one instance?

(For example, I'm thinking that the current digipeat and beacon settings for VHF would not be optimal on HF, and I would basically be using the HF for monitoring and as an HF IGATE if needed, with little or no beaconing, and obviously no digipeating. )

If I missed something in the wiki, please point me at it and I'll go from there.


Randy KA0AZS

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