Management of Broadcast messages

Greg D

Hi Lynn,

So I've noticed recently that I'm getting an occasional Bulletin message
sent out by someone (KM6HBH) who's running a net a little ways away.
Totally legit, nice to know; not complaining about that.

But when received, the Bulletin creates a single "Beep" on the computer,
and a message text bubble in the upper right corner of the screen which
goes away on its own a few seconds later. If I happen to be nearby and
hear the beep, and then catch the bubble before it goes away, I can see
it. Otherwise, there's no hint that it even happened. That same Beep
is also generated when the Internet goes out, which, unfortunately, can
be a similarly frequent event, so it can be ignored due to fatigue at times.

I see under Messages / Bulletins / View that I can check to see what's
been received, but that kind of defeats the time-value of the Bulletin
message. Is there any way to configure how a Bulletin is presented on
the screen, e.g. for how long, and with what sort of notification flag
(like the Messages rectangle in the upper right corner of the map)?
There's a check for Notify in the Messages / Bulletin menu, but no


Greg KO6TH

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