Re: Connect with Kenwood D700A

Lynn Deffenbaugh

Simply(KISS) type is only for TNCs that can be locked into KISS mode.  The Kenwood APRS radios (outside of the D74) cannot be locked into KISS.

For the D700, use a KISS type port (not Simply) and make sure the radio is in Pkt mode when you start APRSIS32 or enable the port.  APRSIS32's KISS type port will switch Kenwood APRS radios into KISS from Packet mode automatically.

Be aware, though, that if you power-cycle the radio, it will drop out of KISS mode and APRSIS32 will no longer receive packets.  Disabling and enabling the port in APRSIS32 (or stopping and restarting the client) will put the radio's TNC back into KISS mode, provided it was in Pakcet mode to start.  A non-zero Quiet Time setting can automate this reset.

Lynn (D) - KJ4ERJ - Author of APRSISCE for Windows Mobile and Win32

On 9/29/2020 9:19 AM, Joseph LaFerla wrote:
I am trying to connect my Kenwood D700A with aprsisce and can successfully receive packets from aprs.  However I cannot transmit.  At least nothing happens when I hit the transmit button on the toolbar.  I have set up the port correctly and transmit is enabled in the settings.  The port is a simply kiss port.  I used to use aprsisce with my other radio (non kenwood) before and it worked fine so I suspect some setting in the kenwood.  The D700a is set to tnc pkt but I tried it with tnc aprs and it still did not work.

Any thoughts would be welcome.  Thanks.


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