Re: Connect with Kenwood D700A


Hi Joe


I have the same setup and the interface can be a pain.


Make sure you have the correct driver if your using a USB to 9 pin D connector (some use a Prolific Chip and you may need to find a driver from 2007)

Try here


You may have to unplug the USB and re plug it to get the Kenwood to suddenly fire up… plug USB port in wait a few seconds and see if the CON sign comes on the radio, then you can try the TX.


This has to be done each time PC is shut down or USB unplugged.


Radio has to be in TNC Pack mode.


Good luck





From: [] On Behalf Of Joseph LaFerla
Sent: 29 September 2020 14:20
Subject: [APRSISCE] Connect with Kenwood D700A


I am trying to connect my Kenwood D700A with aprsisce and can successfully receive packets from aprs.  However I cannot transmit.  At least nothing happens when I hit the transmit button on the toolbar.  I have set up the port correctly and transmit is enabled in the settings.  The port is a simply kiss port.  I used to use aprsisce with my other radio (non kenwood) before and it worked fine so I suspect some setting in the kenwood.  The D700a is set to tnc pkt but I tried it with tnc aprs and it still did not work.

Any thoughts would be welcome.  Thanks.


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