Re: Passcode for Gary N Evans; KO4LAX

Mike Jordan <mjordan@...>

This is such a non-issue. If the information is on the internet, it's too late... anyone that wants to take the time to find it will.  Anyone can request a passcode and there is no validation that the person asking actually belongs to the call sign they used to request it.  Why put a suitcase lock on a process if it's suppose to have tight security in the first place? To me, the process of having a passcode that can be easily obtained is no security at all, just a means to keep someone from accidentally connecting to the database when they test out their APRS setup.  If the system needs security then give it real security, don't put it out where anyone can find it and use it if they want. Other wise it might as well be 1234 for everyone or not even exist.

I'll do my part though to keep it secure... if I run across it on the internet, I won't look. ;)


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