Re: AUtomatic GPX


Hi Cory
If you an Android phone you can use APRSdroid app or even the Vero VR N7500 app without the radio this now records your route on the phone and can be exported as a KLM file. There are several iPhone apps which is the network and the phone becomes a station all can be tracked by APRS direct or 
Hope this points you in the right direction. 

Min Standen G0JMS

On 7 Sep 2020 13:58, "cory.macsween via" <cory.macsween@...> wrote:
Is there anyway to have the program auto save a GPX file for a certain call sign. I see there is an option to auto save your own call sign's track to GPX. But I have a portable -7 station I take out on my ATV and I would like its track save every time. What I have been doing is turning the radio on and waiting for a few beacons and coming up to the computer and clicking on the call sign and telling it to save the track to GPX. Unfortunately I have to do this every time I take the ATV out.

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