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Fred Hillhouse

I voted for number 1. I have several applications that use the tiles and wherever possible I share the directories.


I understand the use of MBTiles. However, most of my applications (APRS, activity tracking, general mapping, Geocaching) on the phone all keep their own repository which is unfortunate. I am thankful that most are using a more efficient storage system. I would like to be able to break out the tiles if moved to the Windows PC.


Fred N7FMH


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Sent: Tuesday, August 25, 2020 11:02 AM
Subject: [APRSISCE] Tile Set Storage #poll-notice


A new poll has been created:

How attached are you to map tile storage in an OSM-compatible file hierarchy?  Do you share tiles outside of APRSIS32?

1. Very attached, I share multiple tile set trees with other programs.
2. Somewhat attached, I sometimes access tile set trees with other programs.
3. Not attached at all, I only share tile sets among APRSIS32 instances.
4. Not attached at all, I never share tile sets anywhere!
5. I share tile sets, but only by manually copying tile set trees around and sure wish this was easier!
6. I know what map tile storage is, but what is an OSM-compatible file hierarchy?
7. What is a tile? I thought that was something that goes on the floor and shower walls.

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