Re: Bluetooth w/ Kenwood TH-D74

James Ewen

So I'm playing the game, "Let's see if a dummy can follow along..."

I grabbed my TH-D74 out of the storage box, and fired it up. 

I set it up with the settings that Mitch provided.

400-Built-in GPS: ON
405-PC Output: ON
580-PC Output: Raw Packets
930-Bluetooth: ON
981-PC Output (GPS): Bluetooth
982-PC Output (APRS): Bluetooth
983-KISS: Bluetooth

One thing that is missed here is getting the radio paired with the computer. This dummy is having a problem there. 

I have a windows surface, which has a bluetooth adaptor.

I go Start, and type in Bluetooth. This brings up the settings window for Bluetooth and other devices. Top of the list, 
Add Bluetooth or other device. Below that, there's a slider, which is labelled Bluetooth, and it is ON.

I click on the plus button to add a Bluetooth device. A window pops up, and asks me to choose the device.
I select Bluetooth. I see a list of devices available.

On the radio, I go to menu 934 Pairing Mode, and select that.

I now see TH-D74 in the list of devices.

Click on TH-D74, and it says 

Press Connect if the PIN on the TH-D74 matches this one.

On the radio, I see the bluetooth ID from the computer, and the matching passcode.

I click on Connect on the computer.

I get 

That PIN didn't work. Try connecting again
On the computer, and 

Pairing is failed

on the radio.

I can do this all day... any clue what I am doing wrong?

I've started a page on the wiki to capture the process for future knowledge.

There's not much there currently because I'm stuck at the missing Bluetooth pairing part.

Creating good documentation is hard... It's easy to miss steps in the process.

I knew I could link my Surface with my TH-D74... I just have never bothered before. This thread has given me a poke... now to figure it out. If I'm struggling, then this is the perfect time to create a step by step guide.


On Tue, Aug 25, 2020 at 1:50 PM Demetre - M0SUY/SV1UY <demetre.sv1uy@...> wrote:
OK Lyn,

I just created a Simply(KISS) port in my APRSIS32 for the TH-D74 since a KISS port does not work.

Now I can both Receive and Transmit but not when I activate NMEA. Somehow the GPS from the TH-D74
never makes it to APRSIS32 when setting it in KISS12 MODE. When I have activated NMEA I see two dashes
at the top where I am supposed to see the speed and I get no FIX indicator at bottom right. So clearly the
GPS cannot send any NMEA DATA to APRSIS32.

Now if I connect an external GPS to my Desktop PC I am in business!

When I use the TH-D74 with my Android phone all is OK because the ANdroid phone application uses the
mobile phone's built-in GPS.

I have also noticed in the pictures that Mitch has uploaded that he has not activated "Xmit Enabled" in
his TH-D74 port configuration.

Not sure what else I can do really! Hi hi hi!

Take care!

73 de Demetre M0SUY/SV1UY
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