Re: Bluetooth w/ Kenwood TH-D74

Mitch Smith

Okay, I did some searching on my radio as well as my laptop. As a disclaimer, these are the settings I use for my setup. Your mileage/use case may vary from mine. This is what I have set for use with both APRSIS32 as well as connecting my TH-D74 to a Raspberry Pi for Winlink (Pat) use, so I don't know if you need all these settings set the same, but I imagine you do for use with APRSIS32.

These are the MENU settings on my radio for it to connect over Bluetooth and report my location. etc:
  • 400-Built-in GPS: ON
  • 405-PC Output: ON
  • 580-PC Output: Raw Packets
  • 930-Bluetooth: ON
  • 981-PC Output (GPS): Bluetooth
  • 982-PC Output (APRS): Bluetooth
  • 983-KISS: Bluetooth

In APRSIS32, on the port I have the following settings checked/filled out:
  • RF to IS
  • Enabled
  • Bulletin/Obj
  • Messages
  • Telemetry

Once you have that all set up make sure you have the radio TNC on and set to APRS 12. If you haven't already, you should be able to now connect the radio to the PC over Bluetooth.

Hopefully this can at least get you heading in the right direction. Sorry if there is any confusion. Feel free to reach out with any questions or if you need any clarification on anything.

—Mitch Smith, N7USU

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