Re: RF to IS (Igate Question)

Tim Choldas

Good Afternoon All,

Wow! You folks replied with some awesome information. I really appreciate it all. 

A few points to answer a few questions.. The igate in question is KC9WCJ-10. I'm located in Chicago. We have a fairly busy APRS system here with many digis. My goal in setting up the igate was to relieve some network congestion from the busy ones. Although I know it's not a race, like KJ4TX said I am more so curious about how much I am truly contributing. I do understand that even if I'm not uploading as much data to the servers as others, I'm still providing redundancy and actual 2-way service for messaging. I currently am just running it through Direwolf as an RX-only gate for testing. 

What prompted this question is looking at other igates in the area, as VE6SRV did. Specifically, the two closest ones which are AB9FX and N0LSR-1. Just by looking at the "iGate'd packets" graphs for the gates, it appears they upload around 10 and 40 packets an hour, respectively. For my station, most hours I get none (especially when looking at the "RF packets heard first" graph). I found this strange considering I have fast internet and a stellar antenna setup with some great height. 

From what I've gotten out of these responses, it seems like I'm doing everything right on my end. As K5DAT said, it seems like the latency in uploading to the IS is where the difference comes from. 

I will do some more toying around with selecting different servers but otherwise will just go ahead and run it as planned. My goal is to have it on battery backup and solar by the end of the year, so if nothing else I will be providing some redundancy.

Thanks again for you replies everyone! Glad I found the group. 

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