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Not all of the APRS-IS are created equal. Some are faster than others and some have faster internet connections. and don't always agree either and it depends on which servers they happen to be connected to. If you happen to be connected to one of the servers that is connected to it might show that you igated a packet whereas if you are connected to a different server it could show that someone else igated that same packet because it took a few milliseconds longer to get there and gets discarded as a duplicate.

My igate gates very little most days. But the other igate seems to go down a lot in which case mine takes over. Always good to have a backup igate

For me running an igate from home is a problem since I only have one antenna that is up 65FT so I no longer have a good antenna for voice. And even if I did have another antenna up high there would be the problem with desense having multiple radios on VHF.

I also have a satgate and a aprs igate on an alternate frequency so I have tuned my main digi/igate to transmit very little so that the other radios don't get desenced (is that a word?) as much.


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Hello All!

Just downloaded and set up the software for use as an RX/TX Igate. Wow, what a wonder program! For as many features as it has, it really works so well and is very intuitive.

I am using Direwolf as a software TNC from my Yaesu radio hooked to a vertical at 70 feet. I'm hearing a ton of stations (verified by selecting RF only for both the map view and scroll). Unfortunately, I'm barely uploading any to the IS per Maybe 1 out of every 100 received are being uploaded to the IS. From what I understand, if packets are duplicated, the first one takes priority and the others that are received by servers are disregarded. I'm wondering how/ why the other Igates are beating mine in uploading to the IS. Is direwolf slower than hardware based TNC's? I tried the rotate.aprs2 server as well as noam.aprs2. Everything is working fine per se, just seems to not upload nearly as much as it receives. 

How can I "speed it up"? 

I've been a long time APRS user and am wanting to give back to the community by adding some coverage. 

73 all,

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