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Hi Robert, for some of us, the reason we set up an APRS station is to be able to contribute and do something for the ham community. Maybe getting enjoyment out of being able to provide something for others is old fashion and out of style, but that is why I do it. What is the fun of setting up a station if a few super stations with lots of power, high antennas, super fast internet speeds, etc., get to do all of the transferring of APRS information? That means there really is no need for my station or any number of stations in my area to even attempt to participate.

So yes, it is natural for some of us to wonder and question if our stations are even doing any good and if not, is there anything we can do that will improve our contribution to the APRS system. Ever since I've set up my station 4 months or so ago, I've looked a number of times to see if my IGate was doing anything for the APRS community around me. I think it is, but then they were doing fine before I set up and would do fine if I take it down... but like the original poster of this thread, I still wonder if my station is doing any good at all.

We each do this for our own reasons, it's human nature.


On 8/22/2020 7:59 AM, Rob Giuliano via wrote:
I don't understand the question.
There is no reward for providing the most packets to the APRS system.
Why is it so important to have "your igate" be the one that gets the
packet posted?
The point here is to ensure all packets ARE POSTED. And it appears
they are.
If the packets are being handled, then the system is working.

If someone else is the one that posts them, there are a number of
reasons - none are bad!
1. The packet was sent direct over IP, and over over RF
Sorry, you will NEVER win!
2. Other igates are closer and receiving the packet before you
How many hops have been used before you hear the packet?
Any one of those hops may also be an Igate.
3. You antenna is higher than everyone else and they et the signal first.
Kind of sounds funny to type out.
Truth is: that additional height is not likely to make a difference,
unless that is another igate right next to yours (like next door).

If you are really that interested, you can do a little research to see
how things are working.
Go to (or other site that gives details) and choose some
stations near you to see
who did gate them. Compare the stations location and distance to that
igate to that station and
your location. If the distance to your station is closer, you can
consider improvements. If not,
then you are just not in an area where APRS stations are transmitting from.

Robert Giuliano

On Saturday, August 22, 2020, 1:33:03 AM EDT,
<> wrote:

Hello All!

Just downloaded and set up the software for use as an RX/TX Igate. Wow,
what a wonder program! For as many features as it has, it really works
so well and is very intuitive.

I am using Direwolf as a software TNC from my Yaesu radio hooked to a
vertical at 70 feet. I'm hearing a ton of stations (verified by
selecting RF only for both the map view and scroll). Unfortunately, I'm
barely uploading any to the IS per Maybe 1 out of every 100
received are being uploaded to the IS. From what I understand, if
packets are duplicated, the first one takes priority and the others that
are received by servers are disregarded. I'm wondering how/ why the
other Igates are beating mine in uploading to the IS. Is direwolf slower
than hardware based TNC's? I tried the rotate.aprs2 server as well as
noam.aprs2. Everything is working fine per se, just seems to not upload
nearly as much as it receives.

How can I "speed it up"?

I've been a long time APRS user and am wanting to give back to the
community by adding some coverage.

73 all,
Hillsboro, Oregon
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