RF to IS (Igate Question)

Tim Choldas

Hello All!

Just downloaded and set up the software for use as an RX/TX Igate. Wow, what a wonder program! For as many features as it has, it really works so well and is very intuitive.

I am using Direwolf as a software TNC from my Yaesu radio hooked to a vertical at 70 feet. I'm hearing a ton of stations (verified by selecting RF only for both the map view and scroll). Unfortunately, I'm barely uploading any to the IS per aprs.fi. Maybe 1 out of every 100 received are being uploaded to the IS. From what I understand, if packets are duplicated, the first one takes priority and the others that are received by servers are disregarded. I'm wondering how/ why the other Igates are beating mine in uploading to the IS. Is direwolf slower than hardware based TNC's? I tried the rotate.aprs2 server as well as noam.aprs2. Everything is working fine per se, just seems to not upload nearly as much as it receives. 

How can I "speed it up"? 

I've been a long time APRS user and am wanting to give back to the community by adding some coverage. 

73 all,

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