Re: HF iGate Verification

John Brent - VA7WPN

Thank you,

Our intent is NOT to "SPAM the air waves" with relentless beacons, arbetrary weather, and "Smart beaconing". We are targeting the areas of Vancouver Island, and the interior of BC where there is NO cellular service, let alone any kind of repeater / igate coverage. We have looked into a LOT of other options, such as satellite communications / APRS, and portable repeaters / crossbanding. The testing we did was only helpful when we were witin 50km of "Scociety" after that, the hills mountains and 150' trees killed all performance. 

Our support is for the hunters, hikers, campers, and other exploring hams. The swaths of remote unserviced areas in BC alone are amazing, and huge. We all want to experiance that, with some kind of safety net / communications capability. We belive this is one of the better options. Its not nefarious.

John Brent

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