Re: HF iGate Verification

John Brent - VA7WPN


I understand that its bad form and we ARE looking for alternatives for this, such as JS8Call (But it has NOT way for an APRS message to be replied too), CCW Messenger is dead in the water, and not everyone has $1200 for a PACTOR modem to do Robust Packet from a mobile or backpack. I own a PTC-IIex, and its showing its age. Its started failing, and I have taken the precautions with new caps to fix the issues that I am having, but the techs over at SCS have indicated to me on a few occasions that it may very well be the DSP Chip that is failing, and that there ARE NO replacements, and I am not the only one who is having these issues with these ageing devices.

I have been looking high and low for a few years with the help of a number of members in the club for alternatives, we have had little to no luck. As APRS its self, does exactly what we need it for, its really the only way we can perform the tasks we need to perform without designing a whole new mode and system.

John Brent

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