Re: HF iGate Verification

Lynn Deffenbaugh

It is considered bad form to gate from the APRS-IS to HF.  Gating IS to 1200 baud VHF is bad enough, but gating to 300 baud HF can really get you into trouble.

There is some support group that discusses such topics, but the actual name escapes me at the moment.  You might want to task on the aprssig mailing list.

Lynn (D) - KJ4ERJ - Author of APRSISCE for Windows Mobile and Win32

On 8/17/2020 5:10 PM, John Brent - VA7WPN wrote:
Good afternoon,

Our local club has been working on getting our HF iGate setup. So far we have some success, and were very happy with that, but we want to continue to improve and expand the capability. We have been able to track a number of other HF APRS stations on 10.147.60Mhz @ 300 baud, across Canada and the US. So we KNOW there is activity on the band, and that were not th only ones using it.

We are gating to and from IS. We can see that on our APRS.FI page, so there is a level of success. But, we want to make sure that were setup appropriatly, and being responcible at the same time. We want to provide this support to everyone on 30m, We know there is activity, but we need to spread the word.

Are there any others who are running 30m APRS stations or iGates here? Can we build some mutual support?

Thank you,

John Brent

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