Re: How do I verify if iGate is setting up correctly?

Glenn O'Connor

If, for example, a station(XYZ) is Igated by your station(ABC), that same station may also be Igated by another one(DEF).


On the IS system, it’s a matter of who gates first, ABC vs DEF.. Any additional reports of a station(XYZ), is considered a duplicate

and is dismissed. So it’s all a matter of timing.


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Subject: Re: [APRSISCE] How do I verify if iGate is setting up correctly?


Thank you Glenn,  understood about RFtoIS. 

Okay, I am "sending" info to IS from RF.  At least the local log is telling me.  I got that.

How do I know what I am sending is actually get there?  Is there a place I can go see what got posted my W3KIT-10?

At least please explain what the meaning of this line.

WinMain:2020-08-16T13:05:30.735 RFtoIS:[W3KIT-KISS]IGated W5ODJ-5>APRS,KV3B-1*,WIDE2-1,qAR,W3KIT-10:!3914.19N/

"The key is in each line “RFtoIS”."  Does not making sense to a retarded like myself.

73, Kit

On Sun, Aug 16, 2020 at 09:29 AM, Glenn O'Connor wrote:

The key is in each line “RFtoIS”.








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Subject: Re: [APRSISCE] How do I verify if iGate is setting up correctly?


Well hello there.  Thank you for you info.  Yes, I can see my station showing on after I sent out my position.  What I do not understand for sure if what I am seeing in the iGate log within APRSIS32 program.  

Looking at the log my bald head is spinning :)  What does that even mean? I see a lot of packets scrolling by does that mean I sent what I heard to the APRS IS?
Example below, I just do not know how to translate to the language that I could understand.

Like that first line.   Is W5ODJ-5 sending out a position report and KV3B-1 digipeating to W3KIT-10 and then W3KIT-10 place W5ODJ-5 on the map (APRS IS)?


WinMain:2020-08-16T13:05:30.735 RFtoIS:[W3KIT-KISS]IGated W5ODJ-5>APRS,KV3B-1*,WIDE2-1,qAR,W3KIT-10:!3914.19N/

WinMain:2020-08-16T13:05:31.714 RFtoIS:[W3KIT-KISS]IGated W5ODJ-5>APRS,KV3B-1*,KV3B-2*,WIDE2*,qAR,W3KIT-10:!3914.19N/

WinMain:2020-08-16T13:05:34.365 RFtoIS:[W3KIT-KISS]IGated W3DLB-9>4PQT6P,N3TJJ-12*,WIDE1*,N3KTX-2*,WIDE2,qAR,W3KIT-10:`hL(mShk/]"5P}=

WinMain:2020-08-16T13:05:36.635 RFtoIS:[W3KIT-KISS]IGated KC4ZPL-2>SXUU9S,KC4ZPL*,N3KTX-7*,KV3B-2*,WIDE1*,qAR,W3KIT-10:`g<ql!9[/`"4!}FTM-300_1

WinMain:2020-08-16T13:05:59.438 RFtoIS:[W3KIT-KISS]IGated N3OBQ>SYST3W,K3ARS-3*,KV3B-2*,WIDE2*,qAR,W3KIT-10:'h\8l _/]

WinMain:2020-08-16T13:06:00.696 RFtoIS:[W3KIT-KISS]IGated N3OBQ>SYST3W,K3ARS-3*,N3KTX-2*,WIDE2,qAR,W3KIT-10:'h\8l _/]

WinMain:2020-08-16T13:06:04.595 RFtoIS:[W3KIT-KISS]IGated N3KTX-2>BEACON,qAR,W3KIT-10:MasonDixon A.P.R.S. Group with N3KZS at 146.895- with IRLP #7070

WinMain:2020-08-16T13:06:13.005 RFtoIS:[W3KIT-KISS]IGated N4WGM-7>APDR15,N3KTX-7*,WIDE1*,KV3B-2*,WIDE2*,qAR,W3KIT-10:=3847.48N/07604.00W#146.520MHz/A=-00036 Easton,MD

WinMain:2020-08-16T13:06:17.875 RFtoIS:[W3KIT-KISS]IGated N3KTX-7>APN383,KV3B-2*,WIDE2-1,qAR,W3KIT-10:!3856.14NS07603.80W#PHG7580  W3.MDn   MasonDixon Group

WinMain:2020-08-16T13:06:31.808 RFtoIS:[W3KIT-KISS]IGated N3HF-1>BEACON,KV3B-2*,qAR,W3KIT-10:;IRLP-4712*000000z3902.40NI07659.53W0443.450MHz T156 N3HF-R

WinMain:2020-08-16T13:06:37.708 RFtoIS:[W3KIT-KISS]IGated N3VT>S8TV1X,W4VA-10*,KV3B-2*,WIDE2*,qAR,W3KIT-10:`i@0l!P[/`"4r}5W ELK_ 

WinMain:2020-08-16T13:06:40.864 RFtoIS:[W3KIT-KISS]IGated KB3ZKD>APOT30,N3KTX-2*,WIDE2,qAR,W3KIT-10:!3934.00N/07700.00W-Scott

WinMain:2020-08-16T13:06:47.458 RFtoIS:[W3KIT-KISS]IGated K3XR-15>T0QX2W,N3TJJ-12*,WIDE1*,N3KTX-2*,WIDE2,qAR,W3KIT-10:'h\­l -/]BN/RELAY SO MTN 442.400+ 

WinMain:2020-08-16T13:06:57.537 RFtoIS:[W3KIT-KISS]IGated KD8AZC>APU25N,N4DSL-3*,KV3B-1*,WIDE2*,qAR,W3KIT-10:=3910.19NI07858.78W&PHG7530 W2, WVn Old Fields, WV {UIV32N}

WinMain:2020-08-16T13:07:08.869 RFtoIS:[W3KIT-KISS]IGated N3KTX-6>APN383,N3KTX-2*,WIDE2,qAR,W3KIT-10:!3951.83NS07709.24W#PHG7360  W3.PAn  MasonDixon Group

WinMain:2020-08-16T13:07:13.888 RFtoIS:[W3KIT-KISS]IGated KV3B-1>APN391,qAR,W3KIT-10:!3911.19NS07714.76W#PHG5460 W2.MDn-N MARC Digi Germantown

WinMain:2020-08-16T13:07:18.487 RFtoIS:[W3KIT-KISS]IGated KM4HRR-9>S8UV2X,N3KTX-2*,WIDE1,WIDE2-1,qAR,W3KIT-10:`i/Ul c\]"5C}de Brendan KM4HRR-9=

WinMain:2020-08-16T13:07:19.229 RFtoIS:[W3KIT-KISS]IGated KM4HRR-9>S8UV2X,KV3B-1*,WIDE1*,WIDE2-1,qAR,W3KIT-10:`i/Ul c\]"5C}de Brendan KM4HRR-9=

WinMain:2020-08-16T13:07:27.733 RFtoIS:[W3KIT-KISS]IGated KV3B-2>APN383,qAR,W3KIT-10:!3857.05NS07652.41W#PHG5560 W2, MDn-N, MARC Digi East MD

WinMain:2020-08-16T13:07:29.207 RFtoIS:[W3KIT-KISS]IGated N4WGM-7>APDR15,N3KTX-7*,WIDE1*,KV3B-2*,WIDE2*,qAR,W3KIT-10::N4HUV-10 :ackNB}

WinMain:2020-08-16T13:07:48.107 RFtoIS:[W3KIT-KISS]IGated W4VA-10>APDW15,KV3B-2*,WIDE1*,qAR,W3KIT-10:<IGATE,MSG_CNT=203,PKT_CNT=877,DIR_CNT=26,LOC_CNT=85,RF_CNT=124,UPL_CNT=719197,DNL_CNT=813296

WinMain:2020-08-16T13:07:52.390 RFtoIS:[W3KIT-KISS]IGated N3RES-1>S9RP4X,N3KTX-1*,WIDE1*,KV3B-1*,WIDE2*,qAR,W3KIT-10:`h7­l :/]"41}=


73, Kit


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