Re: Transmitting through APRRSISC32

Rob Giuliano

The FTM400 does have the audio I/O and PTT on the 10-pin connector for an external TNC (or sound card variation).

I think the worse part of all of this is that the reviews (such as the ARRL review in QST) don't make that point clear.  I do not know of anyone who has purchased a Yaesu "APRS radio" who was not surprised to find out that it required an external TNC of some sort in order to fully use the APRS function with an attched computer.  Most I know said something about readin reviews on the radio and buying it from that infomration, only to find this severely lacking feature.

Robert Giuliano

PS: IMHO - Yaesu is still takng advantage of these and not making any effort to satify their customers.  There is no doubt they have recived complaints, and yet they are still making new models with the same configuration.  That attitude has really turned me off from Yaesu products.

On Sunday, August 9, 2020, 5:22:20 PM EDT, Lynn Deffenbaugh <kj4erj@...> wrote:

Note: The following is based on my direct knowledge of the FTM-350.  I have not heard anything to the contrary for the FTM-400.

What you are doing wrong is that you are using a Yeasu APRS radio.  Yaesu, in their infinite wisdom, does not allow transmitting from outside the unit.  It will only transmit what it internally generates.  Even their protocol for passing decoded packets out the serial port is not quite the same as all other APRS radios before it.

If you want to transmit, by Yeasu's own documentation, you must hook up an external TNC and completely ignore the APRS capabilities of the radio itself.

Lynn (D) - KJ4ERJ - Author of APRSISCE for Windows Mobile and Win32

PS.  I just quick-scanned the FTM-400 documentation and I didn't even see how to connect an external TNC to that model.

On 8/9/2020 3:23 PM, Sean Rafferty wrote:
I am unable to transmit through the program. When I look at CONFIGURE>PORTS>FTM-400(the radio I am using) Xmit Enable is not checked. Even if I check it it will not stay checked, when I look again, it is still not checked.
What am I doing wrong?

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