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I assume that since you are in this forum you are referring to using the KPC-3+ with APRSIS32.
There are 2 options fro working with the KPC3 and both are explained here:

Many people prefer to place the KPC-3+ in KISS mode outside of APRSIS32.  The KPC-3+ will stay in KISS mode even after resets and power cycles, so this works fine.  The above WIKI page explains how that is done.
This requires a terminal emulator (Like TeraTerm, PuTTY, or old Windows Hyperterminal) and the commands found in the KPC-3+ manual.

The alternative (and one really don't "need" any external computer applications) is to edit the APRSIS32.xml file OPEN commands to place the KPC-3+ in KISS mode when the application starts, and CLOSE to exit KISS when you exit APRSIS32.  This is also explained at the above WIKI link. 

Post back an issues or questions.

Robert Giuliano

On Thursday, August 6, 2020, 1:52:50 PM EDT, Michael McNamara via <n3mrm@...> wrote:

I’m new to aprs. I’m using a ftm100de and  kantronics kpc-3 plus. My question is, what computer program should I use to configure the kpc-3, to use with aprs.

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