Re: RX/TX From radio/tnc

James Ewen

The rest of the world will tell you that it will work.  

If putty can access the serial port on the machine, then APRSISCE/32 should be able to as well. 

You will need to release the port from putty and then tell APRSISCE/32 to open the port. 

We have asked for a terminal emulator tool within APRSISCE/32 for many years, and Lynn has hinted at including one some day. It would be very handy in situations like this to allow one to be able to test serial communications, and prove out operations. Many people get caught trying to make multiple programs talk to the serial port at the same time. 

It is difficult to diagnose and test functions without the proper tools. It is difficult to be able to diagnose and correct problems like this over email. People including myself are giving partial hints at what to try, and you are giving minimal information back about what is happening. That’s not to fault anyone, it’s just the nature of the beast. Any one of us sitting at your computer could probably have you up and running in a minute or two. But this method takes a lot of time because both sides have limited focus. There’s going to be something that you are missing in what we are telling you to do, and/or something that you are not reporting back to us. 

Once you have it working, there will probably be an aha! moment where the tiny missing piece is discovered. 

It will work, guaranteed! 🤪


On Thu, Aug 6, 2020 at 8:24 AM <ve6frc@...> wrote:
Tried that route yesterday James, program failed to open port.


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