Re: RX/TX From radio/tnc

Rob Giuliano

You are disconnecting (shutting down) PuTTY before trying to connect with APRSIS32?
Does APRSIS32 say {RF Port} OK?

What strings is PuTTY seeing?

Maybe post the section of the RF Port log when you try to connect.
It shouldlook something like this:

WinMain:2020-08-06T13:41:39.918 Starting Port(TNC)
Port(TNC):2020-08-06T13:41:39.918 CpReader Running on COM6:19200,N,8,1 (1 OpenCmds, 1 CloseCmds)
Port(TNC):2020-08-06T13:41:39.918 Opening COM6:19200,N,8,1
Port(TNC):2020-08-06T13:41:39.918 Opening COM6 with 4 Args
Port(TNC):2020-08-06T13:41:39.927 COM6:Packet Length 1 Version 1
Port(TNC):2020-08-06T13:41:39.927 COM6:ServiceMask 0x1 Reserved1 0x0
Port(TNC):2020-08-06T13:41:39.927 COM6:MaxQueue Tx 4096 Rx 4096 Baud 131072
Port(TNC):2020-08-06T13:41:39.927 COM6:Provider SubType 1 Capabilities 0xCB
Port(TNC):2020-08-06T13:41:39.927 COM6:Settable Params 63 Baud 0x66BFF Data 0xF StopParity 0x1F07
Port(TNC):2020-08-06T13:41:39.928 COM6:Current Queue Tx 4096 Rx 4096
Port(TNC):2020-08-06T13:41:39.928 COM6:Provider Specifics 0x0 0x0
Port(TNC):2020-08-06T13:41:39.949 CpOpen:Port COM6 19200,N,8,1 !CTSFlow !DSRFlow OutXon(10) !InXoff(10) DTR_ENABLE !DSRSense RTS_ENABLE
Port(TNC):2020-08-06T13:41:39.949 Opened COM6:19200,N,8,1, Flushing 0 in TransmitQueue, Sending 1 OpenCmds
Port(TNC):2020-08-06T13:41:39.949 Command[1]:~

Robert Giuliano

On Thursday, August 6, 2020, 8:46:28 AM EDT, ve6frc@... <ve6frc@...> wrote:

Hi Lynn.

Got up early and used another cable on com6. Have putty connected and redid VHF2 port on APRSIS32. Putty is seeing the strings with no problem. Negative action from the APRSIS32 though.

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