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patrick lambert

I agree that's he's got the wrong driver. But I use an old driver and it work flawlessly. The only thing is sometime windows will do an update and will put the last driver version and your wire won't comminicate. You just go in the com port propreties in the device manager setting and put back the driver that work .

Pat 🗻🎿

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If your TNC is permanently in Kiss mode then Putty probably won’t work. Putty over the serial port is looking for a standard serial to device connection, not kiss. The only thing that will talk to the TNC will be a program that speaks the kiss protocol.


If you are using a USB to serial adapter, keep in mind that if you remove the USB plug and plug it in to any other USB port it will then get a new com port assignment in most cases. If you are using a USB to serial adapter also check to make sure that adapter is not one of the prolific chipset models.  There was a problem with counterfeit prolific chipsets so Windows updated the drivers to validate the chipset and if it was a counterfeit the driver won’t work (there is a way to use old drivers but you have to look up how to do that). For newer versions of windows it is best to get a newer SUB to serial adapter that uses the FTDI chipset.


Brian N2KGC


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Hi all. 

TNC is definitely in kiss mode.It is set as per the two lines on the KPC3 + page to be in kiss mode all the time.
I have narrowed down to a port issue. Even if I use another cable which then shows as port 4, I still can not see Or talk to that port with Putty. In fact I can not communicate with any port. Not sure if this is a win 10 thing or what. 

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