Re: RX/TX From radio/tnc

Lynn Deffenbaugh

Just what do you specifically mean by that statement?  If you don't get anything from the TNC into a terminal emulator on the APRSIS32 machine, then APRSIS32 won't get anything either.  You need to track down the proper COMM port and settings such that SOMETHING comes in to a terminal emulator.  Once that is working, we can go forward with port types and everything else.

From the logs you provided, COM5 is being opened, but there is nothing coming in to be read.  You've got a connectivity issue between the TNC and the APRSIS32 PC that needs to be diagnosed with a terminal emulator on that machine.

Just because the device was COM5 on the Windows 98 machine (assumption on my part) doesn't mean that COM5 on the APRSIS32 machine is the same adapter and port.  You may also need to "joy plug" the handshaking signals as that is another difference between operating systems.  That means tie RTS to CTS and DTR to DTR and CD on the TNC end of the plug.  Some USB cables don't pass these signals through and some TNCs require them before they'll send out any data.

There may be a TNC setting to use software handshaking instead of hardware handshaking.  This can also help.

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On 8/5/2020 2:06 PM, ve6frc@... wrote:
And negative on Putty connecting to TNC from APRSIS 32 machine.

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