Re: RX/TX From radio/tnc

Don Woodward

What kind of radio?  I use a Motorola CDM1250 and had a similar issue and I looked at everything (I thought) and it turned out the receive audio in on the DB9 end of the cable to the TNC  had a bad solder joint and had broken loose and once re-soldered it all started working.

Don W.

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Subject: [APRSISCE] RX/TX From radio/tnc
Hi All.

I have an issue where after the last update a couple months back, my computer has lost all comms with the radio/tnc. I had everything shutdown for a month or two till I had more time to play with the settings. Today I have reinstalled Build 2020/05/01 21:21. Still can not get program to communicate with tnc. Using a USB to DB9 cable which is known to be good. Port 5 at 4800 baud. These settings have not changed since 2012. TNC reports accurate and readable strings at 4800 when using a laptop plugged into the DB9 port on the tnc.

Any idea's on what to check next?.


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