Re: RX/TX From radio/tnc

Lynn Deffenbaugh

Several things:

1) KISS mode is designed for use with Kenwood APRS radios' internal TNCs.  It is not designed for a KPC-3+.  You'll eventually want either Simply(KISS) with the TNC locked into KISS mode, or read

2) Changing <Open/CloseCmd>s should not put the program into an infinite loop, unless you entered invalid XML.  But even then, it should revert to the backup configuration file.  If you still have it, can you send me the APRSI32.XML that caused the loop?

3) You need to use a terminal program from the SAME PC as where you run APRSIS32 to prove anything.  Saying that the TNC works in a terminal program from a different machine doesn't help at all.  Unless you're somehow running APRSIS32 on a Win90 PC?

4) Even from the Win98 PC, if you can read all of the packets, your TNC is not in KISS mode.  In KISS mode, the headers are bit-shifted left and are not printable characters.  You should only be able to read the payloads which are (usually) printable ASCII.

5) VHF ok indicates that the COMM port was opened, not that APRSIS32 understands the data being received from that port.  The reason this is asked is that some people have multiple programs accessing the COMM port which Windows does not allow.  In this situation, the VHF ok would have likely cycled between VHF open and VHF delay.

6) The APRSIS32 updates (or did you mean Windows updates?) should not have affected port behavior.  But even so, you should find the old version .EXE still in the directory with a .yyyymmddhhmm extension.  You can try firing up the earlier versions, but we really need to get the latest version debugged and working for you.

So, what we still need is:

a) Use a terminal emulator on the APRSIS32 machine and see if you can talk to the TNC.

b) Enable and tell me what the Port<VHF> trace log says when you disable and enable the port.

Lynn (D) - KJ4ERJ - Author of APRSISCE for Windows Mobile and Win32

On 8/5/2020 9:27 AM, ve6frc@... wrote:

Hi All.

ICOM 207H hooked into a Kantronics KPC 3+ TNC the mode I have been using was KISS mode. not simply KISS mode which I have tried numerous times. I do not have any custom  <openCmd> that I know of. Modified 2  of those strings yesterday which sent the program into an endless loop where as I have to power down the computer with the on/off button as Task manager was flashing and useless. If I power down the TNC and use Terminal program from my win98 laptop and power up I can see the data. And yes I get the message APRS-IS ok and VHF ok messages in rolling status window when every thing should be working. This happened after the last update. There was an update and a week or two later there was another update and nothing after that.I am stumped as to why.
As for drivers for USB-DB9 cable, Have also tried that and have replaced that cable also with a known good cable. Went to com 8 and same thing. no comms with TNC.

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