Re: RX/TX From radio/tnc


Hi All.

ICOM 207H hooked into a Kantronics KPC 3+ TNC the mode I have been using was KISS mode. not simply KISS mode which I have tried numerous times. I do not have any custom  <openCmd> that I know of. Modified 2  of those strings yesterday which sent the program into an endless loop where as I have to power down the computer with the on/off button as Task manager was flashing and useless. If I power down the TNC and use Terminal program from my win98 laptop and power up I can see the data. And yes I get the message APRS-IS ok and VHF ok messages in rolling status window when every thing should be working. This happened after the last update. There was an update and a week or two later there was another update and nothing after that.I am stumped as to why.
As for drivers for USB-DB9 cable, Have also tried that and have replaced that cable also with a known good cable. Went to com 8 and same thing. no comms with TNC.

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