Re: APRSIS settings for ISS


This is kind of interesting. While Hessu is fixing the iOS app, I thought I’d try it myself on the Mac so I looked all this up on the internet. You need to get a APRS-IS password nnnn

telnet -c 14580

user wm6h-4 pass nnnn

1>Beacon your position. Change the position from my house to yours. A little man symbol shows up at your house on 

WM6H-4>APFII0,WIDE1-1,WIDE2-1:!4201.25N/09141.37W[/Test Message1
2>The actual request. You might have to wait a few minutes for the beacon to be registered. You will get the “Please Beacon Your Position” message in the mean time. Just make up a sequence number

WM6H-4>APRS::ISS      :{0005

2A>The request acknowledgment 

ISS>APWW11,TCPIP*,qAS,KJ4ERJ-15::WM6H-4   :ack0005


3>The ISS pass

ISS>APWW11,KJ4ERJ-15,TCPIP*,qAS,KJ4ERJ-15::WM6H-4   :AOS 6h31m (2335z) SE^20{RQ}

4>The pass acknowledgement

WM6H-4>APRS::ISS      :ackRQ}


I don’t know what this is:

KJ4ERJ-15>APZTLE,TCPIP*,qAC,SEVENTH:;ISS      *163224h0607.91S\17432.71ESMsg4Pass }k1jzNqg\wBx+i"N+3B$\%q5zN{!wf+!

I’ll be listening!


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