Re: qty or freq tune.

Rob Giuliano

There is a perspective that needs to be taken into account.
It is possible for the D710 to receive a packet with QSY information and tune to the provided frequency with the proper tone, etc. on its display that you can select and the radio will change frequency. This is handled by the radio itself.

APRSIS (assumed to mean APRSIS32 and not the internet backbone) cannot tell an attached D710 to change frequency and tone (CAT functions for a computer to make the radio act) so that the user can make a voice contact. 

APRSIS32 "CAN" send the properly formated object to tell someone that is driving by (or in any way) using a QSY enabled device (like the D710 radio) that "you" are listening and available on a voice frequency.  This is why it is listed in the Configure Object section of the WIKI.  It does not change the radio attached to the computer running APRSIS32, but requests someone else's radio to change frequency to what you sent and you are listening for voice communication.

So if you wanted to take advantage, you probably need another radio, or at least a radio capable of running packet on one side and voice on the other at the same time.  Then create an object that has the frequency and tone information of the radio you are listening to, send the object periodically while you are listening to that voice frequency listed, and wait for someone to "click" your object.

I hope this helps explain it. 

Robert Giuliano

On Monday, July 20, 2020, 6:04:49 PM EDT, T W via <kf6kyd@...> wrote:

In the past I have asked if its possible to tune a D710 to the frequency listed in the frequency monitor. I was told it is a cat function which is something APRSIS does not do. In reading the Wiki it looks like it does work that way. The function in called QSY, and its description is discussed on the configure objects page. Would it be possible to get some clarification on this?


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